Bradenton is a city on the Manatee River on the Gulf Coast. This cultural city is home to the South Florida Museum housing natural and cultural history exhibits. It also encompasses the Bishop Planetarium and Parker Manatee Aquarium which is home to manatees that can no longer live in the wild. The nearby Riverwalk park stretches along the river and the city also boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf Coast. Galleries, studios and shops occupy colorfully restored 1920s and ‘30s cottages in the Village of the Arts.

Maybe you hadn’t heard about Mosquito Mist’s 15 years in business, 50 years of combined expertise on our team, 30,000 different custom-designed misting systems for our customers, or maybe you hadn’t had a chance to catch up with all of the satisfied clients on our Testimonials page. Maybe you moved to Florida from far, far away and had never heard that Mosquito Mist has installed more insect-busting misting systems than any other similar company in Florida.

We’re really serious about high-quality customer service here at Mosquito Mist and, believe it or not, this extends to customers who didn’t even buy our products in the first place. This means that your issue with another company’s product is still of interest to us. We want to help as many people in the Tampa to Naples area get the most of the awesome sun-soaked Florida atmosphere and to experience the best that this region has to offer, and that often means keeping mosquitoes and all of their accompanying irritating effects as far away from you as possible. So that means Mosquito Mist will come out and take a look at your existing service to make sure it’s doing the job it’s supposed to be doing.
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