Marco Island

Marco Island is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida, linked to the mainland by bridges south of the city of Naples. It’s home to resort hotels, beaches, marinas and golf courses, as well as a network of inland waterways. A long, sandy beach covers most of its west coast, with many resort hotels for fun and sun. Marci Island is popular for kayaking and paddle boarding and destination weddings.

We know how hard you work to put together that perfect event. If your wedding day is coming up and you’ve designed a beautiful outdoor setup, complete with your dream décor, carefully chosen flowers, and a painstakingly organized seating plan for the reception, the last thing you need is a swarm of hungry mosquitoes swooping down to ruin the romance for your loved ones and, worst of all, the bride. That’s why Mosquito Mist has designed a clever, portable event fogging service to ensure that not a single mosquito will be invited to your big day.

Mosquito Mist can cover a wide array of events; whether it’s your wedding, an anniversary garden party or party of any variety, from a simple office bonding outdoor activity session to your annual family reunion. We understand how tough it can be to control the many variables that come into play when planning this kind of outdoor event. While we can’t control the weather, we can help you plan your pest control. Mosquitoes are easily one of the most irritating types of pests to have around at an outdoor event, and can throw off the entire atmosphere of a party or get-together. That’s why we’ve designed a Mosquito Mist system that covers this unique need.
The white sand beaches of Marco Island and superb fishing can be protected from mosquitoes with Mosquito Mist  941-360-1630

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